Application Form

NOTE: If you are unable to apply using the application form on the website, we also accept applications via email.
  If you apply via email, please send the following information (1 to 16) to:

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Company information and representative

1.Formal name of the company
(The registered name of the company should be written in full and should not be abbreviated)
2.Date of establishment
(E.g. April 2014)
3.Name and title of the company representative
(E.g. President Taro Suzuki)
4.Birth date of the company representative
(E.g. April 1, 1977)
5.Biography of the company representative
(Provide a brief summary in 100 double-byte characters or less without line break)

The core business on which you will make a presentation

NOTE: If there are two or more or core businesses, please explain the additional businesses in attached documents.

6.Name of the core business service
(In 50 double-byte characters or less)
7.Outline of the core business
(In 150 double-byte characters or less)
8.URL of the core business
9.Date of commencement of the business
(E.g. January 2011)

Remarks column for additional information

10.Address of company
(Please indicate the address of the company including zip code)
11.Corporate website URL
(If it is identical to the URL indicated in item 8, please indicate the same URL)
12.Phone number of the company
13.Email address of the representative
(We will use the email address provided here to contact you)
14.Emergency contact number of the representative
(Contact information such as cell phone number)
15.The target amount of fund raising
(You can provide an approximate amount)

You are also required to attach the documents that you intend to use during the 10-minute presentation.

NOTE: Attached files must be Adobe PDF format up to a maximum of 20 MB.
Just drag and drop the PDF files here to attach them.
Click the button below to upload your file.

NOTE: If you are using Internet Explorer, click the button below to upload your files.
Please read carefully the following guidelines for attachments.
Please note that these are only recommendations and you can attach files created based on the material you usually use during your presentation.

・However, all the three items marked with (Required)are compulsory to have.
・Regarding the core business
    - What made you start the business?
    - (Required) Target users, details of the business, issues and problems to be addressed that users or the industry face.
    - Sales and KPI trends of this business up to now
    - Information obtained from the analysis such as KPI, hypotheses for the future
    - (Required) Goals that you want to achieve through this business, actual business plan
    - Ways to accomplish your goals (future strategies)
    - Competitors and similar foreign companies at the moment or on a roadmap
・If you develop other businesses or have other business plans that you focus on other than the core business, you can also indicate it.
・Vision and mission of the company
・Additional company information (history, capital, organization chart, number of employees, shareholders)

Privacy Policy
・The information that you provide will also be submitted to the judges of the pre-screening.
・ The Event Sponsors may contact you by email or mail.
・ In addition, the information that you provide will be used by the RISING EXPO Committee solely to respond to your application and not for any other use.

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