Great Opportunity for Start-ups to Leap Forward

The RISING EXPO is looking for startups who aspire to become the next-generation of successful Internet businesses in Asia. The next step after validating product-market fit with strong traction is fundraising and sponsorship to accelerate your growth. RISING EXPO provides these opportunities for start-up companies that have passed the pre-screening selection process.

Asia’s Largest Demo Day for Funding and Networking

RISING EXPO is the largest demo day for funding and networking in Asia. Sponsors from all over the world that support startups, including leading venture capital firms as well as major operating companies will gather for the event. The startups that have passed the pre-screening will have an opportunity to present and network with more than 200 executives and key individuals.

Cash Prize and Awards

In addition to the opportunity to present and network with over 100 executives and key individuals, the startup who is voted to have "Best Presentation" by the guests at RISING EXPO, will receive a cash prize. Startups will also be granted awards by the sponsors.
Moreover, the Grand Prix winner of Southeast Asia, South Korea and will be invited to attend RISING EXPO 2016 in Japan as an extra prize. The Grand Prix winner of Japan will be invited to attend RISING EXPO 2017's events held outside of Japan.

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